Legendary auto-accessories of REDARC that you must own

The field of heavy-duty vehicles is one of the most complex areas of automobile engineering. For a long time, Australia was importing these parts from the USA, and that took a considerable amount of our revenue. History was made when REDARC came into play.

Focusing mainly on heavy-duty vehicles, the REDARC equipment and accessories have made the lives of too many people easier and better. In this read, we’re going to talk about 3 of their best product ever, so that you can also own them and make the best use.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

The alarm for the unpulled handbrakes

How many times have you been tried to step out of your vehicle without pulling the handbrakes? Now, sit down and recall whether you’re doing a job where you can afford to step out of your vehicle without pulling the handbrakes?

Or do you prefer being the responsible father by ensuring to install a device that reminds you to pull the handbrakes? Look no further! The ultra-sensitive, alarm for unpulled handbrakes is what you need, and REDARC has got you covered, regardless of the type of your vehicle.

Two-mode controller for brakes

Controllers for brakes are essential during towing. Whether it was on a highway, or off-road, you can’t always expect steady and horizontal roads and the trailers or whatever you’re towing, with electric brakes, to behave in your favor. This is why manual and automatic controllers are used.

But most Australian and overseas brands are either focused on the automatic setting or the manual setting. While the automatic setting is best suited for highways, off-roads require manual braking controls. It’s the lack of a machine for this common area that encouraged REDARC auto engineers to invest in the legendary Tow-Pro Elite.

Having two modes of braking such as manual and automatic, having the Tow-Pro Elite allows you to switch between the types, and that allows you smoother navigation on different types of terrain. The best part here is that REDARC Tow-Pro Elite is the only braking control device that can do this. That’s the sheer superiority of redarc accessories.

Advanced isolators for heavy-duty vehicles

Isolating devices are essential for all sorts of 4×4 vehicles and some other heavy-duty vehicles due to the dual battery systems present there. But the two biggest problems that conventional isolators have is the problem of not being able to know if there was an over-voltage or excessive current drawing issue, or the single direction charge flow.

The REDARC isolator has been able to overcome this problem easily by design. That way, all you need to know is the extreme basics of handling the device that’s readily available on their website and that’s that; the job is done.


Even at a glance, we all can collectively agree on the sheer superiority of the REDARC as a brand. Thus, if these needs are applicable to your life as well, be sure to get down nothing but the REDARC products. Given the sheer reliability and the Australian pride, your needs will be fulfilled in the best way possible.

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