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The 20th Quarter-annual Horse Contest

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The 20th Quarter-Annual Horse Contest is a comedy about two thirty-something men (Jim Lucas and Ron Treland) in the 80's who come together periodically to deepen their long-term friendship through the playing of a basketball game called "HORSE". They have developed their own peculiar way of playing the game, where the object of the game is superseded by the creativity of their playing styles and shot selections. It is more of a creative ritual than a competitive game. The game is continuously "interrupted" (sometimes in real time, mostly not) by Ron's parents, Jim and Ron's high school basketball coach, Jim's college basketball coach, and Jim and Ron's wives. The "interruptions" constitute the evolution of the relationships between Ron, his parents, and his wife, and between Jim, his old coaches and his wife. Ron is caught in his father's business and under the command of his father's crusty personality, whereas Jim is caught in his past high school glories and college failures. Jim's wife, Lynne, is relatively economically and emotionally stable, and this stability is both a source of strength and resentment for Jim, who is less stable in those areas. Ron's wife, Jeannette, is tired of the whole thing and wants Ron to deal with his blustery and obnoxious father and live his own life, but she is unwilling to separate from Ron as he works on his relationship with his father. Jim's high school coach serves as Jim's much valued connection to his glory days in high school and Jim's college coach serves as his hurtful reminder of his failure to sustain a college basketball career. All of these characters impinge upon the personal development of Jim and Ron in both positive and negative ways. Jim and Ron are fearful of doing what they really want to do in life. The basketball game, played out in its own peculiar way, serves not only as means of deepening the friendship between the two men but as a forum for their emotional growth and development. The 20th Quarter-Annual Horse Contest is a fast-moving, scene-shifting, dialogue-overlapping story of how two young men come to terms with their past connections to glory in sport and their current relationships with their wives and family. Though this play transcends realism through its shifting, integrated scenes, it 'plays' realistically. Shifts in time and place are integrated into a whole that 'seems' quite natural.

Knowing Horses By Heart

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For as long as Barbara Hutson could remember, she dreamed of having a horse farm and of surrounding herself daily with these magical, mystical, and majestic creatures. Suddenly, she found herself living her lifelong dream. In Knowing Horses by Heart, she talks about the joys and challenges of owning horses. Her poems consider the life lessons she has learned-such as the value of patience and respect-while considering how worthwhile owning horses has been for her.

Like most fantasies, the reality of our fondest wishes can be a bit more than we bargained for. Owning a horse farm is not all serene days gazing at horses playing in the field or peaceful rides into the sunsets. Horses are bigger than life. With that comes events that are also tremendous in size and impact which lends richness and color to the fabric of our life story. Fully illustrated, Knowing Horses by Heart shares through poetry some of the knowledge Barbara has accumulated through her equine encounters.

Little Girl Giggles

"The gift is sweeter than that very first kiss

Seeing those looks of sheer wonder and bliss

There is nothing quite like watching the eyes

Of a child as she squeals with excited cries

As the magic of real horses fills up the space

The look of pure amazement covers her face ..."

Horsey Mere Lake Fun Book

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Does your little one love spending time with the family at the lake? Then they will love this delightful book filled with activities related to water-side vacations. The Lake Fun Book includes coloring pages with everything from the animals you'd find at the lake to the tents you sleep in. Puzzles and word finds create fun and educational activities, for both you and your child, throughout this enjoyable book. As a bonus, this book would serve as a good resource for the times at the lake when the weather isn't suitable to be outdoors. Pick up this charming activity book for your youngster today! Are you constantly looking for activities to keep your young one busy during those bad weather times at the lake? Are they tired of sitting in the tent with nothing to do? Then the Lake Fun Book is the book for you! Filled with lake related coloring pages, challenging word finds and educational puzzles this book will keep your littlest child busy for hours. In addition, the lake related theme throughout will get your youngster excited about all the things the lake has to offer when the weather clears. Pick up your copy of this charming activity book today and be prepared for that next rainy day at the lake! · DISCOVER:: FUN on the lake. This body of water is a true gem. Now you can work your way through the majestic shores that make this lake so special. Fun for all ages. Share the gift of Lake Fun with someone you love today. ***Limited Time Discount Offer!*** ***Regular Price $12.99*** · · ***Plus, As a Special Thank-you for buying this Book Today, You Will Receive FREE puzzles and games inside the book*** · · Do you want to see a side of the lake a child rarely gets to see? Do you or a child you love need to express their creative side while enjoying a fun cultural experience? Read on to find out more about how this book can solve your problem Buy:: The one and only Lake Fun Coloring Book Here's a preview of what you'll find inside this book: · · Fisherman First Aid Kit Tent Sleeping Bag Beach Towell Fish Net Flippers Boat Paddle Hat Visor Swim Trunks Bikini Radio Playing Music Life jacket Rafts Knee Board Tubes Friends Fire Wood Camp Fire Grill Sun Screen Lotion Money Drinks Goggles Wake board Ski Rope Anchor Bug repellent Beach Chairs Binoculars Book Playing Cards Cooler Coozie Camera Snacks Tackle Box Fishing Rod Worms Cricket Water Shoes Skipping Rocks Water bottle Floaties Swim Noodle Dry Clothes Phone Trash Bag Toilet Paper Paper Towels Watermelon Lantern Flash light Boat light Ski rope Bobber Fishing Hook Catfish Bluegill Turtle Minnow Crickett Water Snake Duck Pelican Seagull Frog Large Mouth Bass Small Mouth Bass Trout Laptop Computer Tablet Swim Cap Nose plug Fish food Bag of ice Dog Pop sickle Marshmallows Chocolate Graham crackers Smores Canoe Kayak Paddlebaord Flip flops Lake Map Swim Noodle And much, much more! Want to Know More? Scroll to the top of the page and select the "BUY" button for instant purchase. Buy Your Copy Right Now!

Displaying The Wisdom Of God

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This commentary on Ephesians offers a somewhat different approach to its interpretation. God has a specific purpose in the believer's election, and the blessings he experiences as a result of believing are for a purpose. To fulfill this purpose, Paul, in chapters one through three, explains what the believer needs to know and in chapters four through six explains what he needs to do.

The emphasis is on God's eternal purpose and His plan for accomplishing it. Understanding His purpose and experiencing His blessings and equipping ought to be plenty of incentive in getting personally involved.

The Sign Of The Seahorse

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In which the villainous Gropmund Grouper devises a dastardly scheme to rob the innocent folk of Reeftown of their homes and money, but is foiled by the efforts of the intrepid Pearl Trout, her fiery brother, Finneus, and brave Corporal Bert of the Soldiercrab Army. Graeme Base, who created Abrams' best-selling Animalia and The Eleventh Hour, now offers The Sign of the Seahorse, a sweeping drama of intrigue and excitement set in the beautiful but fragile underwater world of a coral reef. Beginning at the famous Seahorse Cafe, social hub of the Old Reef, The Sign of the Seahorse takes us on a great journey.

We travel from the doomed coral gardens of Reeftown to a sunken wreck and an underwater junkyard, across the barren expanse of the Withered Plain, and into the vast, uncharted chasms of the Deep, before arriving finally at the utmost edge of the Great Continental Shelf. Readers of all ages will delight in the rhyming text and gloriously detailed illustrations of this undersea adventure. The wonderfully drawn characters will capture the imagination as The Sign of the Seahorse is enjoyed again and again.

About The Author

Graeme Base is one of the world's leading creators of picture books. His alphabet book Animalia, received international acclaim when it was first published in 1986, and has achieved classic status with worldwide sales approaching three million copies. It has now inspired an animated TV series.

Other favourites by Graeme Base include The Eleventh Hour, My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch, The Sign of the Seahorse, The Discovery of Dragons, The Worst Band in the Universe,The Waterhole (and The Waterhole Board Book), Jungle Drums and Uno's Garden. In 2007 this last title featured in six major awards and was winner of three: Speech Pathology Book of the Year, younger readers; The Green Earth Book, USA; The Wilderness Society Environment Award.

In 2003, his first novel for young readers, TruckDogs, was released. It was short-listed for the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards the following year. In 2009 Graeme produced the the fascinating, beautiful and challenging book Enigma; can you crack the code? Graeme's most recent book is The Golden Snail.

Graeme lives in Melbourne with his artist wife, Robyn, and their three children - James, Kate and Will.


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